• The Startup Builders

    We are a “Venture Studio” that takes ideas and business knowledge to create and accelerate startups, using a common base team, infrastructure and funding.

  • Our Principles


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    We create companies that deliver real value



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    Innovation and creativity are our core strengths



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    We care about people, especially the ones we work with



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    We don't speculate. Methodology is important



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    We honor our word


  • Do you have a business idea or want to invest in successful startups?

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  • What is a Venture Studio?

    A Venture Studio is an organization that creates multiple startups in parallel by providing the core team, pre-seed capital, and strategic direction.


    They analyze business ideas using a curated methodology to decide whether or not to launch a startup. If they do, the studio recruits entrepreneurial founders to run and grow those startups successfully.


    This approach reduces risk, shortens the time for failure, and increases the chances of success, making the investment more profitable.

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    VS´s startups takes 70% less time to get to a Series A round

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    VS´s startups have higher success rates than regular startups (10X), due to the core team, support and methodology

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    Synergy between entrepreneurs, founders and team working around for developing new businesses